Value Added Services

At Austin Consulting Firm, we not only consult on social media, SEO and other Growth Strategy plans, but we also implement those strategies for you, so that you can focus on your business operations. We believe that we must justify our services with results, and as such, we supply you with regular weekly reporting.


Social Media

- You will gain hundreds of quality engagements per day and grow your following by 500-1000 followers per month through our targeted social media management plans.

- We will come up with engaging and creative content to help you stand out from the crowd.

- Understanding your audience is key to creating content that resonates. We use best practices that will not only tell your story but also inform and engage your audience.

- We will increase your your social media following and engagement, which will lead to more customers.


- Our team will analyze and set up your website’s SEO.

- We will research optimal keywords for you in order to ensure a maximum return on investment.

- The keywords will be used on all of your available platforms, from websites, to social media, and adword campaigns.

- We can also advise on ways that you can improve the effectiveness of your product copy both for sales and Google optimization.

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Business Plans and Strategies

- We will help you to prepare for your next big venture so that you can gain investor interest and position yourself for the highest chance of success.

- We will research any aspect of your business in order to fill the gaps in your business model and strategy.

Types of research offered:

  • Legal aspects of selling products and steps towards obtaining apporpriate licenses (if necessary).

  • Materials providers with costs and terms.

  • Distribution providers with costs and terms.

  • Major Sales Venues and Terms.

  • SEO and Keyword Information.

  • Major Competitors.

  • Niche Market Ideas and Branding.

  • URL recomendation and Business Name.

  • Social Media Strategy.

  • High Level Marketing Plan.

  • High Level (3 years) Financial Model.